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Woman Act Now is agressively seeking like minded women leaders who are passionate about empowering other women.  Perhaps you have a desire to gather women together to encorage, train and support.  Woman Act Now will equip you to help women by bringing them together, promoting an atmosphere that provides an audience of intelligence for women to explore and achieve success.

What we look for:

1. A woman with passion for seeing dreams become reality

2. A woman who wants to help others while she helps herself

3. A woman who believes she can lead others through the valley of execution

4. A woman who can tap into her circle of influences and encourage other women to act on their dreams.

5.  A woman who has a dream to help women achieve their dreams

6.  A woman who believes in the power of giving

7. A woman who believes that the Woman Act Now vision mirrors her vision


Where can chapters be established?

Chapters can be establish nationally and internationally.  Multiple chapters can be formed.  For example, Dallas/Fort Worth may have 10 chapters which would be in several areas within the metro area, like Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Frisco, Plano, Arlington, South Dallas, Desoto, North Richland Hills or Grapevine.  Although there are many chapters, all may act independently of each other.

Our objective is to have over 100 chapters throughout the country and the world by 2009. We will use technology to stay connected and do business without borders.

 How can I establish a chapter? 

Each chapter applicant is personally interviewed by the Founder, Anna McCoy to ensure that vision, passion, ethic, and character aligns with Woman Act Now.  After further discussions steps will be taken to establish a chapter in your local area.

How much does it cost to start a chapter?

It will cost an approved applicant approximately $50 to start a chapter plus travel to Dallas, TX for leadership training.  The cost per applicant will differ depending on applicants location.

What is the benefit to the person who starts a chapter?

For those individuals who are chapter leaders you will be provided with material, support and encouragement.  If you are an individual who meets the seven criteria above than you will be aligning with an organization who can help you achieve your goal of helping others but you will have the resources to do both online and off-line. 

How many members should a chapter have?

We like the small numbers which ultimately will lead to larger numbers if women experience real value in coming together.  We say a chapter can start with as few as three women.  Why, simple if you bring three people together and begin to share ideas and think out loud you can begin something spectacular.  Why three and not two?  Well, two can easily get on the same page and move in any direction but when you have three people accountablity is stronger because you can listen to ideas and get three opinions rather than yours or mine.  So three and above is the number.  Also it's easy to get a table at Starbuck's, our official home away from home.  So start your chapter and gather two or three of your friends, find the nearest Starbuck's, grab a latte, and start thinking about how you are going to get your dream from an idea to a physical reality.

Will Woman Act Now host a national conference for all the chapters to come together? 

Absolutely, we are planning an event in the fall of 2008 in the Dallas metro area.  As chapters form nationally and internationally we will have both national and international conferences.  We may also plan regional events  where we have several chapters in a given area.