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"Anna is uniquely talented to equip others to successfully execute their dreams. Her vast array of experiences have indeed culminated in her work. She has earned the right to be read and she deserves to be heard!" T.D. Jakes, author of NY Times best seller " Before You Do; Making Great Decisions You won't Regret"

As a business how-to, Woman, Act Now is a manual for getting life done. It will encourage, challenge and equip you to successfully close the execution gap and move your ideas to material reality. P.B. Wilson, Best Selling Author

I now truly understand the importance of branding not only in the marketplace but in a deeper sense of building character. Woman, Act Now is masterfully woven with a personal touch and should be required reading for every visionary, not limited to women only, but all of us. Al Hollingsworth, CEO, Aldelano Corporation and Founder, BOSS the Movement

"Anna is one of the most captivating and insightful women I know. Her passion and genuine desire to see "real" people, from all walks of life, transformed from survival to significance, living life with confidence, fulfilling their God given dreams & goals is evident in everything she does. Anna does not tolerate excuses but graciously inspires people to reach higher, go further. She is a loving, warm, funny (hilarious), anointed woman of God of whom I say, "I'll have what she's having!" Anna, you are one of the greatest blessings in my life....YOU are loved & appreciated! Irene Penner, CFO, J.D. Penner Concrete & Stone

Woman Act Now is a how-to manual of rare excellence, penned by one of the brightest most innovative business minds of our time. A must read for those who desire to establish themselves in tomorrow's global marketplace. Jill Wagner, M.D. and Author, My Sister's Keeper


Woman, Act Now is a vital tool for all of us who desire to make a difference in our lifetime. Now is the time to take action and, Anna has provided the help that is needed to train us for the task ahead in a clear, personal and motivational way. Susan Kimes, Founder of Chosen Women and NEWIM

Woman, Act Now is an exceptional book. Anna McCoy’s unfaltering belief in our ability to create and re-create our lives and to live our dreams comes through on every page. She shares her vision, she shares her faith, and she shares herself. The chapters are packed with stories, with exercises, and with scriptural references. Anna is a champion of women leading fulfilling lives – and most importantly, doing it now! Paula Asinof, Principal, Yellow Brick Path, a career management coaching and consulting fir

"Anna McCoy's words. written and spoken, go straight to the heart and inspire, go straight to the head and invoke vision. WOMAN, ACT NOW is the next best thing to taking Anna home to coach you to your greatness. Anna challenges me to make real what I dream while she lives her dream. Peggy Dean, President of Peak Performance Corp (executive coaching and training)

Anna McCoy is a dynamic woman who uses her energy and passion to encourage others to achieve their purpose. In personally executing on the principles of Woman, Act Now, my firms revenues have doubled, my staff has grown, and my clientele has vastly increased. These principles have changed my business and my life. Stop, take an action NOW, your dreams are waiting! Dianne Jones McVay, The Jones McVay Firm, PLLC

Anna McCoy is “Woman, Act Now” personified. She has done a wonderful job of turning her enthusiasm for life, women and living one’s dreams into not only a readable, but a very motivational, guide to move each of us several steps closer to living the life we dream of. Anna’s widom, faith and sense of humor show that this need not be a chore but a journey of love and happiness. Read it, do the exercises and watch your life change! I look forward to using this book with my coaching clients to help enrich their lives. Lynn Banis,PhD.,MCC, Discovery Point Coaching

When God gives you a vision, He puts in your path all the necessary parts for completion. I now realize why Coach Anna McCoy became a working exclamation point to Crusade Christian Faith Center. . . Such a vibrant, energetic, intellectual “Woman of God” has now penned a fraction of her “Act Now” life changing revelation. I feel that everyone exposed to the offerings of Anna McCoy will be infected with a piece of her excitement and affected to new dimensions of personal growth. A MUST READ for male and female.
Dr. Virgil D. Patterson, Sr.
Bishop – Crusade Christian Faith Center
Los Angeles, California