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Client Case Study on Solopreneur in Hospitality Industry

A solopreneur in the hospitality business who is transitioning from full time employee to business owner.

Client Objective

Develop a vision for the future.
Develop a website
Develop a workable marketing plan
Develop Time Management Habits

What was done?

Client enrolled in Millionaire Mentoring, which is personal one-on-one business and success coaching. She admitted to herself that she needed help and allowed herself to be immobilized by waiting on others to execute on task that she could do herself.  Her issue was that she was getting the product for free and felt that she needed to be patient and it would be done when time was allowed. She implemented a new scheduling tool that helped her to commit to an action plan and protect her time from interruptions and unimportant commitments.


She defined her objectives, thought through the steps she needed to take, attached a time line and scheduled the activity. She was accountable to her coach, she asked for help when needed, took tutorials and overcame her fear of doing her own website and marketing and has completed and launched her website on schedule.  She consistently markets her business and understands the importance of developing a pipeline of activity rather than waiting for clients to come to her. She values planning, protecting her time and keeping her commitments to her goals.  She practices the 1-10 principle--plan for one minute and save 10 minutes on execution.

Client Testimony
I believe that it is extremely important to have a coach when building a business because you need someone that is for you.  Even though you may be confident and sure about your decisions, it is good to have another mind, set of eyes and ears.  Sometimes we tend to see ourselves as being self-contained.  Don’t get me wrong it is good to be gifted but you will find you are a fan in a stadium filled with duplicates of you and no opposition to bring on the challenge.