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As part of of Anna McCoy’s Woman Act Now ONE WOMAN ARISE Movement in partnership with Coach Academy International

What Will This Training Mean to You?

Join this extraordinary Movement of Global Women dedicated to becoming change agents in their worlds. By becoming a Certified Power Coach, you can prepare yourself to follow your calling, to offer your God-given gifts to the world, and to Be that Woman with Significant Answers. By learning higher levels of coaching and mentoring skills, you can empower other women to discover their whole, unique selves and engage them to seek radical new solutions for their life challenges.

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What Will You Learn in This Program?

How to develop personal coaching relationships based on trust and empathy
Important steps in a powerful coaching model
Insightful questions to uncover goals as well as resistance and blocks
A process to help other women define and empower their goals
Approach for helping others design action plans with accountability
How to use your intuition and compassion during face-to face coaching practice with instructor feedback

About Coach Academy and the Exceptional Faculty

Coach Academy’s programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and by the Center for Credentialing Education. After completion of the program, participants will have completed 30 hours of coach specific training toward their professional credentials. Our education team includes outstanding faculty members:

Peggy Dean, EMBA, BCC, Certied NLP Master Trainer, has a relaxed, warm teaching style that immediately involves her audience and makes NLP skills easy to learn and use. She is an accomplished coach and consultant and has also been involved in spiritual and consciousness studies for over 30 years and takes the mind/body/spirit approach in all of her work. Her depth of knowledge, quiet condence, and deep belief in people’s innate abilities makes her an invaluable teacher. She is a Board Certied Coach (BCC) and holds a certication as a Master NLP Trainer, one of the few in the world. She has traveled globally, speaks uent Spanish, and is the author of articles on human performance.

Lynn Banis, PhD, MS, MCC, BCC, has devoted over thirty years to the development of human and organizational potential. She is recognized for her clarity of thought and ability to ask deep questions. Whether Lynn is working with individuals or groups, she has been instrumental in guiding them through complex, often difficult situations. Lynn is forthright, future-focused and drives towards solutions – her clients say she really “hears” them. Lynn holds a PhD in Urban Services with a cognate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, MS in Counseling, and MS in Administration. She is also is a graduate of Corporate Coach U.

Next Session Schedule – Johannesburg, South Africa

TBA. Receive your CERTIFIED POWER COACH immediately upon completion.

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Coach Academy is for You!

  • Professional coaches who want to get ICF certified.
  • HR or OD professionals who want coaching training and credentials.
  • Coaches or HR professionals who are interested in learning more about the power of NLP.
  • NLP practitioners who want to learn how to coach.
  • Business leaders or sales professionals who want to learn better coaching skills.
  • Teachers, counselors, social works, or other “people” professionals who want to add coaching expertise to their capabilities.

Act Now! Coaching Principles

Act Now is the underlining principle of Anna McCoy's coaching style.  As your coach, I am committed to help you achieve your goals and experience the success in your life that you know you can achieve but with some extra pushing.  In order to coach you successfully you must agree to these six coaching principles:

  A - Accountability

First things first, accountability is the key to winning.  It is submitting yourself, your ideas, your challenges and your desires to another.  It is saying that you are willing to accept the responsibility of allowing another into your world to help you keep your promises and commitments to yourself.  Accountability helps you to stay honest with yourself and others.  You must be willing to make agreements with others and then allow them to confront you on keeping those agreements.  Webster's dictionary defines accountability as an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions.

C- Character

Character is being who you say you are publicly, privately.  Character is an inward desire to be the best you can be with moral convictions that you will not compromise at any cost.  You must be a person of moral excellence and firmness.  You must desire to do well at all times. 


A teachable spirit and attitude will be your greatest asset for achieving your goals. In order to succeed at your goals you must remain teachable. If you desire to be coached you must trust your coach and be prepared to learn new things.  Coaching pushes you beyond your comfort zone, your current belief system and encourages you to try and learn new ways and methods to achieve your goals. 

 N- Never Quit

You must have an attitude of a conqueror.  Your attitude can make you believe you are someone that you are not until you become that someone you desire to be.  Never quitting is a confession of an "I can" belief system.  Your 'can do' attitude coupled with your coachs 'you can do it' attitude will catapult you forward and give you the foundation you need to move forward continously. 

  O- Optimism

Optimism is a friend that tells you 'everything will work out even when you can't see it'.  Believing in the highest good in any situation will keep you focused on the goal and not the detour or the barrier that blocks your view of future success. 


Your word is your bond even in the simplest of situations.  You must be a keeper of your word and honor your word as you honor others by fulfilling your agreements even when it is to your detriment.  As you develop the habit of keeping your word you will convert more of your opportunities to value.