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Speaker Topics

Get “The Right Stuff”
Get “The Right Stuff” equips you with the skills and techniques you need to build a well-balanced leadership style. These techniques help you develop and project yourself in a wellmotivated, positive and self confident way that other people will respond to and respect.

Create Winning Ideas
If you are to lead people, you need a clear, well-tested and fundamentally sound vision. “Create Winning Ideas” helps leaders build vision. This session shows participants how to gather information needed to build a robust vision. It teaches them how to monitor change and think about how the future may unfold. They will learn to create and communicate a vision that’s well aligned with their values and the values of their team and organization.

Get the Power to Rouse
“Get the Power to Rouse,” explains how motivation works, and shows you how best to motivate your team. This session helps you understand and discriminate between good and bad sources of power, and between strong and weak methods of influence. Understanding sources of power helps you develop a positive, honest and open leadership style that your team will trust and seek to emulate. It helps you avoid the traps and mistakes that lead people to become manipulative or dictatorial.

Getting Things Done
The “Getting Things Done” session helps you to pick a good team and delegate the right jobs to the right people. This session coaches you to develop a confident way of giving orders that is neither weak nor overbearing. You will also learn how to find the difficult “firm but fair” balance needed to maintain standards and achieve the goals of the organization.

Develop Your Team
The “Develop Your Team” session helps you build your team’s capabilities and develop trusting relationships. It helps you understand the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of your team members, and think about their training, coaching and development needs. As a leader you will learn skills to help them grow as happy, self-confident and highly valuable team players.

 Time Management

The Big Picture - Know What You Want
From the time management perspective, your life is a sequence of big and small choices and decisions. It is these choices that you really manage, not the flow of time. Making the right choices about how you use your time, setting the right priorities, is what puts you in control of your life. You will learn the valuable techniques of managing your life, your priorities and your choices in the gap of the TIC and the TOC.

Clear the Clutter – Start Fresh
This session prepares you to get organized and eliminate the clutter. It equips you with tools that help you rise above the chaos of your daily life. It teaches you basic skills needed to streamline the way you handle paper flow, people, information and all those other incompletes that spell ‘overload’ in your life.

Organized! Now What?
This session empowers you to overcome the barriers caused by interruptions, perfectionism and procrastination once you have clearly defined goals. You will learn techniques to minimize interruptions, ways to overcome your obsessive need for perfectionism and tools to tackle the tasks you hate with a positive attitude. It helps you break up those “too complex”, “too timeconsuming” projects into manageable proportions. It outlines ways to free yourself from the externals long enough to accomplish your own plans.

On Finances

Investing Basics – Start Early, Time is Money
Investing basics will demystify the financial jargon and unlock the door to increase your knowledge of the benefits of investing. This session demonstrates the power of time and how it contributes to a successful investing plan. This seminar will focus on the basic principles of money management and introduce you to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities.

Debt Elimination
This session will teach you practical application to reduce your debt. You will learn the pitfalls of unsecured debt and what the small print really means. This session will teach you sound spending habits to control your debt. You will discover how to deal with your credit, understand your credit report and deal with creditors.


Is Entrepreneurship for You?
This session will help you understand the spirit of entrepreneurship. You will be challenged to evaluate if you really have what it takes to birth your dream, be your own boss or work long exhausting hours to fulfill your dream. You will learn the core values an entrepreneur should possess to find success in uncharted territory. This session will give you an overview of the requirements, responsibilities and expectations of being an entrepreneur.

The Basics of Writing a Business Plan
“The Basics of Writing a Business Plan” is designed for business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and managers who need to know how to create a business plan for their organization. During this session, participants will learn the importance of business plans, the key required elements of a basic plan and data that must be included.

Marketing Your Big Idea on a Small Budget
Marketing for the entrepreneur is one of the most important task but often the most neglected. This session teaches the ‘how to’s’ of Marketing 101 and helps entrepreneurs to use every avenue as a marketing opportunity. You will learn the principles of an ‘opportunity mindset’ that will help you build leads, network and generate sales.





What others say....


I am writing this letter to highly recommend Anna McCoy as a conference speaker and business coach. Ms. McCoy has spoken at our organization twice, and each time she fires up the audience to make changes that will take them to the next level in business, relationships, financial freedom, etc.
After each event, participants always ask to have Ms. McCoy back…This woman is powerfully anointed by God to teach and encourage others to find and walk out their divine destiny. She has the ability to speak across multi-cultural audiences and inspire individuals to grow and invest in their future now. Her powerful message is delivered with humor and passion that allows her to speak to the heart of every individual no matter their background. She is truly the “real McCoy”!

Exceptional Women, Deborah Collins, Founder