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Woman Act Now Covenant

Be Conscious: I make conscious decisions in my now that positively affect my future now.

Value Education: I value education and sharpen my saw monthly by exploring and learning about people, places, or events that expand my view of the world.

Think Creatively: I commit my time and my mind to thinking creatively, envisioning my future and taking actions on my dreams.

Master Education: I am an executor of my ideas and I master closing the gap between my thoughts and my actions.

Be A God Size Dreamer: I am a God-size dreamer, I search my heart, my soul and my mind to deliver to the world everything I was created to give it.

Just Do It: I materialize my thoughts, my ideas and my dreams.

Give More Than Required: I give more than required and value relationships with other like-minded individuals.

Intentional integrity: I demonstrate character, integrity and leadership in the marketplace.

Excellent In spirit: I am a woman of an excellent spirit, it is my right and my essence and I seek improvement continously.

Woman Of My Word: I am a woman of my word, I am intentional with actions and I keep my commitments to myself, family and community.