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Believe! This is the "yes I can do it" part of birthing your dream. You have what it takes, you can do it. My dear friend and author, Bunny Wilson, shared a wonderful bit of wisdom with our women's group, SWAT (Submitted Women and Thankful) that anyone can lead if provided with the proper support. What she was impressing on us is that a leader is within us and with the help of others she will emerge when properly supported.

Woman Act Now is a supporting vehicle to equip you to achieve your dreams. We provide you with tools, principles and connections that will properly support your focus and direction. You will have the opportunity to take tele-classes, attend chapter meetings, and use online tools to build your skills, esteem and confidence.

If you use the tools provided in our member only area to communicate your vision to others, engage in discussions, invite your friends you will see your network grow.